Work At MEDC

"We aim to provide high quality service to our customers through engaged, motivated and highly skilled workforce. Our culture reflects integrity, respect and quality"
MEDC is committed to create an exciting and rewarding workplace for ambitious, talented and highly innovative individuals. MEDC believes in nurturing national talents; so maintaining and exceeding Omanization targets is one of the primary organizational objectives.

In order to achieve this, we are committed for following:

Attracting & Recruiting best talents which includes most successful Omani students demonstrating their potential while graduating and high caliber professionals maximizing their potential and contributing to their individual and organization success.

Engage our people through providing them with professional platform, participation in business and support. This is achieved through an effective and constantly evolving performance management process where short and long term Business strategy is clearly communicated and workforce efforts are aligned to overall objectives. Clearly identify, communicate, reward and recognize desired behaviors and achievements.

Develop our people to ensure their personal and professional growth leading to mutual benefits. We are committed to developing our workforce through various mediums:

  • Personal Development planning (PDP) aligning development efforts to performance goals
  • On-job training maximizing acquired skills implemented ensuring lasting results
  • Classroom training customized and tailored to Industry, company and individual departmental needs
  • Long-term competency enhancement programs
  • Scholarships to support that MEDC staff acquire necessary academic qualifications, maximizing further growth potential
  • Professional certifications awarded, so Young Omanis obtain formal skills leading to confident and improved performance contributing to further their careers.
  • Conferences providing opportunities to network and exchange views with other world-class professionals .

What do we look for?

MEDC aims to attract and recruit People with relevant qualification and experience demonstrating below skills, values and abilities:

  • Treat others fairly respectfully, maintains social, ethical, and organizational norms.
  • Possess ability to firmly adhere to codes of conduct and ethical principles.
  • Demonstrate ability to work collaboratively with others
  • Excel within their academic and professional careers
  • Possess innovative thinking
  • Are energetic and passionate
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