• What is budget billing service “Thabit” ?

    Answer : Budget billing service allows customers to pay the fixed amount each month for their electricity bill. The budget billing amount is the average of your past 12 months consumption.

  • What is the benefit of budget billing service “Thabit” ?

    Answer : This service relieves the customers from paying high bill amount during Summer when electricity consumption become very high and will enable customers to manage their budget and monthly expenses by paying fixed amount every month.

  • What will my bill look like?

    Answer : Your budget bill will always show your actual consumption, so you get to know if you are consuming higher than your average “Thabit amount”. The due amount on your bill will be your actual consumption and you can compare your actual VS your budget amount

  • Who is eligible for Budget Billing?

    Answer : All residential accounts are eligible if they have 12 months bills and have a zero balance to enroll for the service. And if you are going for budget billing with direct debit we can embed the balance with the budgeted monthly amount.

  • When can I enroll?

    Answer : You can enroll for budget billing service “Thabit” at any time. And once you are enrolled, we will continue in the same unless you apply formally for termination from “Thabit”.

  • when can I cancel this service ?

    Answer : you can cancel the service any time. Any balance based on actual consumption will be carried over to the next month's bill

  • W ill you continue reading my meter?

    Answer : Yes, we will continue read your meter bi-monthly as per meter reading plan followed by the company. Those meter readings are key to future accurate budget calculations as well as allowing you to compare your current consumptions with those of past year

  • What if my electricity consumption dramatically changes from the past year?

    Answer : There are many factors can impact on your electricity consumption such as extreme weather, changes in number of people living at your residence or purchase of major appliances. Therefore; every 6months, your past 12 months consumption is reviewed and the budget bill amount will be adjusted, based on the 12 months consumption data. This prevents any extreme debit or credit at the end of the budget billing program period on your bill for the last 12th months.

  • What will happen at the end of the budget billing year?

    Answer : Your 12th budget bill will have the actual amount due based on your actual consumption. As well as this figure is shown on every bill so that you can monitor if you have a credit or debit balance at any time. At the end of the budget billing cycle, if you consume less electricity than estimated you will have a credit. In case of a credit of more than 50 OMR, you will receive a refund check with the amount. A credit of less than 50 OMR will be credited on your future bill. If you consume more electricity than predicted, you will pay that remaining balance before you can begin on the budget billing cycle again or if you request, the amount can be added to the "Thabit" amount.

  • What are the enrollment supporting documents ?

    Answer : The residential units are classified under two types owned or rented and each type having different requirements: 1-Landlord a.Copy of Mulkiyah. b.Copy of Krooki c.Copy of ID card 2-Tenant d.Copy of Rental agreement e.Copy of ID card C. NOC from the owner & Owner ID card

  • How do I sign up?

    Answer : 1-Filling the application form in our website: www.medcoman.com or email to thabit@medcoman.com 2-Approaching our customer services representatives in our MEDC's offices or sent it to email thabit@medcoman.com. 3-For more information please contact call center at 80070008

  • How long must I participate after I sign up?

    Answer : There is no certain period of time that you need to continue for the service, you can cancel the service at any time by submitting an official application for same.

  • How do I keep track of my deferred balance?

    Answer : On your monthly bill, we will show your actual bill amount, and you can compare it with your budget amount.

  • Will my budget bill be higher or lower than the actual bill?

    Answer : This depends on your electricity consumption and the time of the year. There will be slightly higher at certain times of the year and lower at others

  • What if I move to another address while I am in the Budget Billing service ?

    Answer : When transferring to a new address, the total balance owed at the time of transfer must be paid fully after applying for budget billing service removal. In case you are willing to enroll for the services again with your new premise, you need to fulfill the requirements and apply for the Budget Billing again.

  • How and when can I terminate Budget Billing?

    Answer : The customer shall notify MEDC either by filling termination form in the website or approaching our customer services offices. Once terminated from budget billing services, the account will be billed as normal on the next regular billing date, the bill will include the deferred balance.

  • What are the available payment options?

    Answer : 1-Direct debit through any bank for the contract period 2-Advance payment for the budgeted amount for the contract period 3-Check payment for the contract duration 4-Monthly payment of the budgeted amount and it should be within one month to avoid service termination