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The new tariffs for electricity consumption have been gradually applied to the consumer groups, with certain conditions and based on several criteria as follows:

 Primary Account tariff

The customer (citizen/resident) has the right to choose two accounts linked to his Civil Number / Resident Number to apply the tariff of the Primary Account to them. However, if he possesses more than two electricity accounts linked to his Civil Number/ Resident Number, he will automatically receive the Primary Account Tariff on the two accounts that consume the most. If you wish to change the two accounts listed under the Primary Account Tariff, please contact the Contact Center at 80070008 and our specialists will take the required action.

 Additional Accounts:

All other accounts that are not subjected to the Primary Account tariff will be subjected to the Additional Account Tariff and that is including the Accounts Numbers that are not updated and linked with customer ID Number and the additional accounts rather than the two primary accounts.

Category Tariff Structure (kWh/Month) Tariff (Baisa/Kw)
Primary Account
(Two accounts or less)
0 – 4000 14
4001 – 6000 18
More than 6000 32
Additional accounts
(More than two accounts)
0 – 4000 22
4001 – 6000 26
More than 6000 32
 National Subsidy:

Citizens who are eligible to receive the Primary tariff with National Subsidy in accordance with the National Subsidy Standards have the right to choose one account to which the subsidized tariff will be applied. The citizen can apply for the National subsidy in one of his/her primary accounts through the website link mentioned below:-

 What are the consumption segments for the category of beneficiaries of the national subsidy system?
Tariff Structure (kWh/Month) Applied Tariff (Baisa/Kw)
4000-0 10
4001 - 6000 13
More than 6000 20
 Examples of the customer’s electricity bills in both Tariffs categories, the primary and the Additional Tariff. (a comparison of the customer bills value between basic account tariff and additional account tariff).
Consumption Invoice Value Based on Basic Account Tariff Invoice Value Based on Additional Account Tariff
4000 56 80
6000 90 130
8000 150 190
 My civil number is not linked to my accounts. What should I do in this case?

Please visit the electricity company website and submit the following documents:


  • Copy of the Title Deed
  • Copy of the Krooki
  • ID Copy


  • Copy of a valid & attested by the Municipality Tenancy valid and attested by the Municipality
  • ID Copy

Multiple Owners in one Title Deed

  • Copy of the Title Deed
  • Copy of the Krooki
  • ID Copy of the heirs agent
  • Copy of the 'Power of Attorney'


  • Copy of the Title Deed
  • Copy of the Krooki
  • ID Copy of one of the owners (applicant)

Living in properties owned by or rented from the employer

  • Letter from the employer
  • Letter of undertaking from the employee of bearing the financial liability
  • ID Copy
 What are the channels that I can use to update my data with the electricity companies?

You may update your data through the following channels:

  • The company's website (www.medcoman.com) and submit a data update request.
  • Sanad Service Centers
 How can I find out what tariff is applied to my accounts?

You can find out the applicable tariff for each of your electricity accounts in one of the following ways:

  • From the electricity bill, where the bill will show the type of tariff applied.
  • Visit the website of (www.medcoman.com)
  • Call the Contact Center (80070008) and inquire about the tariff applied to each of your accounts.
 Who are the categories eligible for the national electricity subsidy?

You can view the eligibility requirements by visiting the National Subsidy Center website (www.nss.gov.om)

 How can I benefit from the National Electricity Subsidy?

You can submit a request to the National Subsidy Center through the following channels:

  • The National Subsidy Center website (www.nss.gov.om)
  • Sanad Service Centers
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