HSSE Campaigns

The Public Safety is the most important Element in our business and No one shall be effected by our operation and all contractors been instructed to take the maximum precaution during project execution to protect the public by providing danger notices and caution notices and barrications when working beside residential area or roads, on safety control measure were taken to minimize the risk of excavation. The people are informed to contact MEDC if any QHSSE issues arise. Wiring inspectors used to check the wiring connection inside houses to ensure the public safety for any new house.

MEDC conduct many activities to raise the public awareness across the community like:

  • Publishing and distributing a booklet for Road Safety in English and Arabic
  • Participation in different conferences in Oman and outside Oman.
  • Participation in Civil Defense day
  • Conduct many Presentations at Schools regarding Electrical Hazards
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