MEDC Tests Innovative Power Fault Predictability & Control Technology

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) a member of Nama Group, held a discussion session to discuss one of its initiatives that was recently launched within a package of projects (towards innovation). This initiative aims at monitoring the current intensity in the main power stations and sub-stations and predict the possible faults in order to avoid them in the future .

This session was held at the company's amphitheater in the presence of the team in charge of studying this project, UK technical partners and a number of engineers from the concerned power companies. The session aimed at exchanging information regarding the concept of ​​the project in general and the results of the tests, that lasted for three months.

The initiative to predict and control the possible power failure in the network is a new initiative in the region, which has been tested and applied already to some power stations at the company’s power network throughout a device that reads and analyzes the current intensity data.

This innovative project helps to predict the possible power failures in the power network and tackle the same before occurrence, so that it helps in boosting the network efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that, the future implementation of the project will help to save significant operational funds and achieve better levels of network efficiency and safety.

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