MEDC Receives Growing Demand to Connect Solar Systems in Muscat Governorate

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) – a member of Nama Group, connected the solar power systems to 16 subscribers in Muscat Governorate. Six of these connections went for residential uses, seven went for governmental uses and the other went for commercial uses with total capacity of more than 2.3 MW at different locations. It is expected during the next two years, that the connection power will increase to more than eight megawatts ( 8 MW).

Since the company is specialized in power supply to various facilities in Muscat Governorate, the company had received recently more than 38 applications for connecting solar power systems in the governorate.

From the results of connecting solar power systems using silicon panels, the total cost of one kilowatt is ranging from OMR 300 to OMR 800 as per the questionnaire of the consecrators. We hope that this cost would decrease gradually in the following years with the availability of more manufacturers and the growing efficiency of such panels.

In this regard, the documents and regulations were put in place to regulate the process of connecting the solar panels to the various establishments across the Sultanate that were approved by Electricity Regulatory Authority in the third quarters of 2017.

It is worth mentioning that the solar energy technology is the most promising power source in the Sultanate. This issue is a part of the national plan that aims at reaching 30% by 2030. This matter needs joint efforts in achieving the national plan on how to utilize and exploit the various clean energy sources by simplifying procedures, requirements and encourage those wishing to work in instullation of the technology. This technology has a national impact on reducing the dependence on fossil energy, thus reducing the harmful emissions to the environment and the exploitation of other energy sources to enhance the domestic product, boost the technology and train the national cadres.

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