MEDC Witnesses Great Demand on Prepaid Meters

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) - a member of Nama Group - received a large number application for fixing the prepaid power meters at homes and commercial buildings. The service was provided to more than 60,000 subscribers by the end of June.

The number of commercial subscribers in the prepaid service reached more than 22,000 subscribers and 37,000 residential subscribers.

MEDC is the first company in the Sultanate and GCC to apply the pre-paid power meters. This service enables controlling the monthly power consumption without the need to wait for the monthly bills.

The company has provided several facilities to recharge the balance such as the mobile apps and the MEDC offices in addition to Oman Oil petrol stations. This service guarantees the continuation of the service when the balance is totally consumed during holidays or weekends or after 3pm till 10am of the following day, taking into consideration the difficulty of recharging the balance during these periods.

The service excludes subscribers in extreme emergency situations where they can obtain an emergency balance by calling the call center at 80070008. This balance is automatically deducted after the meter is recharged.

This system is very effective especially for the landlords of the leased properties as it helps in solving the problems caused by the accumulated unpaid bills of the tenants.


It is worth noting that the company is currently studying and testing other technologies that help facilitating the service and saving efforts and time for both the subscribers and the company by adapting the available technology to serve the different types of subscribers based on their needs and expectations.

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