The Company obtains International Standardization Certificates in Health and Environment Safety

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company - a member of Nama Group - has recently received three international certificates for 2015, the OHSAS 18001 in occupational health and safety management systems, the ISO 14001 certification in environmental system management and the ISO 9001 certification in quality and management systems. The company's access to the three international standardization certificates is a result of the effectiveness of its integrated system, its quality and its conformity with the international norms adopted by these certificates in the field of quality, occupational health and environment safety.

Obtaining the ISO certification, which is updated according to the 2015 standards, is a big asset for the Company. Three systems have been grouped to form one system (IMS), which is an integrated management system adopted by the Company in its management policy. A training program was organized involving staff in all fields to train and prepare them at the administrative level. Integrated Management System aims to enhance their capacities and improve work and system efficiency.

The integrated administrative system has contributed to better planning and use of available resources and has helped to focus on objectives and enhance audit results for all management systems.