Muscat Electricity Distribution Co. organized a lecture at the General Authority for Consumer Protection on Electricity Conservation

MEDC, a member of Nama Group in cooperation with the PACP presented a lecture on energy conservation. MEDC, held the lecture as part of its scheduled plan for sustainability and electricity conservation.  


The aim of this lecture is to raise the awareness of the employees about electricity conservation in their residential properties and accommodation in general, and their workplace in particular. In fact, electricity conservation is considered one of the main pillars of the optimal utilization of energy sources and sustainability for future generations. This is indicated through the identification of rational use of suitable and energy-saving apparatuses and devices, such as lighting, air conditioners and other electrical appliances, which benefits the citizens and the country. These awareness lectures and their application by individuals contribute primarily to reducing the electricity bill and consolidating the concept of rationalization of consumption at work premises and homes.


MEDC pays great attention to energy efficiency and conservation as well as promoting this culture among all participants through availing of various means such as meetings, lectures, publications and different publications.