Muscat Electricity Distribution Company Celebrates Omani Women's Day

In recognition of the importance of empowering women in the work environment and their great role in various sectors, Muscat Electricity Distribution Company - a member of Nama Group - celebrated the Omani Women’s Day yesterday, which falls on the 17th of October. in presence of the female employees of the Company. The Celebration was very eventful, as it included various enjoyable activities and events, in honor of women’s role, hard work and contribution to the success of the company.

Ms. Eman Bint Kahmis Al Faresia, a staff in the company, said “We are very proud of organizing such event. It emphasizes the role of women in their society and nation, moving forward with the approach planned by His majesty our honorable leader of the country”. "The company has been keen on empowering and developing women through motivating and training them to hold the highest positions in the company” She added.

Another staff, Ms. Roqaya Bint Khalfan Al Hadrmia, expressed her appreciation towards the Company for organizing the event in this magnificent way as well as her proudness being an employee in this Company. “The work conducted by the Company in the field of recruiting and training women, and efforts exerted in developing a motivating work environment, is in the best interest of the Company, employees in general, and female employees, in particular. Al Hadrmia said. She expressed her gratitude and thankfulness to His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, who kindly designated a day for Omani women to highlight the role of women in building our beloved homeland”.