Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) Concludes Customer Service Week

MEDC, a member of the Nama Group, concludes the customer service week on Thursday, which coincides with the International Customer Service Week that takes place annually on 1st of October. The Group has organized a series of events and activities to celebrate this international event with its staff and educate them on the importance of customer service and providing their customers with easy, fast and high-quality services.

The week featured a series of employee workshops that focused on educating the employees on the supply licenses, approved procedures for dealing with customer complaints and the common code of practices as well as the rules of providing service for the customers with disabilities. 

It is noteworthy that MEDC has made a number of improvements that contribute to providing a high-quality service. Therefore, it focused on providing and improving e-services so that the customers can make their requests and inquiries without having to visit the MEDC’s offices. The MEDC has also strengthened its communication channels, such as the call center, through using the latest technology and systems, which has positively made the response to consumers' requests even faster. The prepaid electricity meter has also played an active role in improving the consumers' experience and has been widely used by them. Moreover, it has helped to resolve many problems consumers may face.