HSE Program Board Holds 3rd Meeting This Year

HSE board Program of Nama Group of companies held its third meeting this year. The meeting was focused on discussing the issues of the Committee for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) being chaired by CEO and the membership of executive managers as well as the operational areas management across Muscat Governorate.

The meeting had casted light upon the annual plans, follow-up and the encouragement of the staff and contactor’s staff who implement the company’s projects to abide by HSE laws and regulations being established mainly to safeguard the staff and the whole community.

Dr. Juma bin Said Al-Obaidani, Director of Health, Safety and Environment has tackled the significance of this committee in inciting all parties to comply with the approved regulations by working as one team starting from the executive management reaching out to other levels.

The committee has also casted light upon the lessons taken from the accidents in some other companies working in electricity sector and how to avoid them via establishing the proper plans in the execution of the project.

The committee also discussed several other issues with regard to the achievements of the annual safety plan, electricity network development, safety of assets across Muscat as well as the commitment with the laws and legislations issued by Electricity Regulatory Authority and the implementation of the audit recommendations in health, safety and environment.

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