Muscat Electricity Distribution Copes with Increase in Customer

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company, a member of Nama Group added more than 6000 new accounts to its customers base during second quarter of 2018. Those accounts falls into different categories of agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential in the area of Muscat Governorate. Accordingly, the overall total of customers by the second quarter of this year has become 375978. The “Cost reflective tariff customers” represent 1.24% i.e. 4680 of the total customer accounts, and they contribute by 55% in total revenues of electricity sales.

The number of electricity units sold during the second quarter of this year was 5,151 Gigawatt/ Hour with an increase of 10% compared to the same period of the last year. The consumption of the CRT customers was 39% of total sold units during the same period.

The company continues building electrical lines and plants in the Governorate of Muscat in consistence with its plans and strategy, which cope with the increase of the number of the new consumers and the volume of their annual consumption.

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