Muscat Electricity Distribution Company organize Iftar gathering for the employees

As part of its continuous efforts to strengthen the brotherhood and meeting, Muscat Electricity Distribution Company- a member of Nama Group- organized yesterday iftar gathering for the employees. The iftar was attended by Eng. Abdullah bin Saeed Al Badri, CEO and the Executive Management, and a number of employees and guests from the sector.

The importance of the Ramadan gatherings, which reflects the keenness to enhance social relations between employees, away from the daily routine of work, and within a family atmosphere.

Every year the company organize a Gathering Ifrat  for the employees, on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, with the aim of renewing communication, instilling friendship and exchanging conversations among employees, and emphasizing the keenness of the company's management to organize social events, in order to enhance communication and familiarity between employees at all levels, by meeting at one banquet, which leads to closer ties between them, in an atmosphere of brotherhood and harmony in this holy month.

It is worth mentioning that the company is keen to organize this Iftar every year in a friendly atmosphere ,that brings together employees from various offices and branches in Muscat Governorate, in order to strengthen their ties and give them channels of communication with management and officials outside the work atmosphere .

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