Muscat Electricity Distribution Company Is preparing for the summer season

As part of the efforts of Muscat Electricity Distribution Company - a member of Nama Group - to prepare for the increasing electrical loads in the summer season, which witness a big increase in the demand for electric power, due to hot weather and urban growth in Muscat Governorate, the company has set its sights on the highest priority to maintain the electric current in all times.
 The company sought to open all channels of communication with the customers, through social media or the call center , by providing a trained team in dealing and respond quickly  with the customers  inquiries and complaints, through  the toll free number 80070008, and  the mobile application (MEDC My account).
Educating the customers is considered one of the most important ways that have a direct impact in reducing pressure on the network, by reducing the consumption of electric power, which is reflected on the low monthly invoice, and thus the continuity of the electric power flow.
In terms of enhancing the efficiency of the network, the company monitors the loads of the primary stations annually after the end of each summer, and enhances those stations in order to Keep them up with the increase and growth in the loads of the customers. Also, the Company keen to strengthen the network by developing plans to introduce new stations in Muscat Governorate to ensure that customers in the capital have a reliable, efficient, long-term electricity, and meet the urban growing.
Besides; the company is ready with required logistic, which include equipment and tools, spare parts and power generators that are required in case of interruptions exceeding the allowed periods, at sensitive places in cases of programmed interruptions or in cases of maintenance or due to unexpected failures.
In addition, the company has a number working teams -24 hours for seven days, and continuous communication to meet any emergency on the network at all moments.
The company has also developed operational preparations in the case of various interruptions, which is the provision of pre-routed lines prepared in advance as part of the early summer plan in coordination with the network operating teams, in all the sites of the Muscat Electricity Distribution Company .

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