Muscat Electricity Distribution Company signs memorandums Of understanding with charity associations

As part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen community partnership, Muscat Electricity Distribution Company - a member of  Nama Group- recently signed two memorandums of understanding with local charity association at the company's headquarters at Airport heights.
This step comes as a result of the company's efforts to provide families with low income and families with difficulty, to raise their awareness in the fields of energy conservation and the optimal safe use of electricity, in addition to finding appropriate solutions to manage  electricity consumption expenses, and encourage them to switch to the prepaid counter service , which help the management of electricity expenses, or join the budget billing service (thabit) which helps the subscriber to pay a fixed monthly amount, and then settle the account in the end of the year.
According to this memorandum, the company will implement guidance programs for target families in the field of preservation of consumption, and provide awareness brochures and booklets, and develop appropriate solutions to the accumulated entitlements for subscribers who have difficulty in paying bills, in coordination with the partner associations.