The board of directors of Muscat electricity Distribution discusses the annual performance of the company

The board of directors of Muscat Electricity Distribution Company - a member of the Nama Group - met yesterday at the company's headquarters at the  Airport Heights to discuss various issues related to the company performance during the last quarter of previous  year as well as the performance of the financial  (fiscal )year ending 2017 in various aspects such as health , safety , approving the audited financial results, performance, distribution , supply and follow-up implementation of strategic projects and other vital programs.
The Board is also monitoring the implementation of other special strategies, customer services, human resources, asset management, health, safety and environment, communication and sustainability. 
The meeting of the Board of Directors of Muscat Electricity Distribution Company is a part of the periodic meetings during the year, which aim to follow up the progress of the work, the various activities and programs aiming to achieve the interests of the shareholders and serving the customers in various states of Muscat Governorate.