Muscat Electricity Distribution Company continues To follow up the meter self-reading service “People of the house know their consumption better" “Ahl Aldar Adra belmekdar”

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company continues to follow the meter self-reading service, which helps customers to read their meters and pay their dues in a convenient and steady way.
Engineer Salman Al-Hattali, Chief Supply Officer, said that this service has helped many of the customers, who have their meters inside their houses, and it is difficult for them to be present during the meter reading. The service also meets the demands of many customers, who wish to provide their own readings.
One of the most important advantages of this service is that it guarantees actual monthly bills for customers. The company's current procedures for taking the reading are an actual reading once every two months, and monthly bills are issued with an estimated reading for the following month, which is calculated based on the average consumption of the customer for the previous period.
This service is optional for customers.
Muscat Electricity Distribution Company offers several electronic channels for customers to send their meter readings, through smart phone applications, e-mail, SMS, e-portal or call center. Thus, it is possible for any customer to send his electricity meter reading from his place of residence, in the time that suits him during the meter reading period from 15 to 25 of each month.


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