Muscat Electricity Distribution Company sponsors the Conservation booklet for the students of the cycle two in the schools of Muscat Governorate

Based on the partnership and continuous cooperation between Muscat Electricity Distribution Company - a member of the Nama Group - and the Ministry of Education represented by the General Directorate of Education - Muscat Governorate, the company provided the financial support for printing conservation booklet, which includes awareness tips on ways to conserve electricity, stories and contests about electricity. The booklet is designed for school students of cycle two in Muscat Governorate.
The company has the sponsored the booklet as the company  believe  in the importance of educating school students, about  preserving various kinds energy and instilling a culture of preservation and awareness of the dangers of electricity, and maintenance of national facilities.
This support comes in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed between the two parties in November 2014, which was among several projects that serve school students in Muscat Governorate, such as a scientific bag containing scientific experiments such as electrical circuits and others to refine the scientific talents of students to be managed by the school laboratories, The company has also supported the Future Generations booklet, which was recently launched for the students of the cycle one, in addition to several projects, such as supporting the school book case and the drawing competition project "We live with electricity".