Muscat Electricity Distribution Company monitors the process of electronic billing service

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company- a member of Namaa Group- continues to monitor the electronic billing service launched in recent years, to contribute to the protection of the environment. Through this service, the customer will be able to view his invoices electronically, simply and securely. The electronic bill service is an electronic copy of the paper bill sent to customers once their monthly bills are issued, through text messages and e-mail without having to wait for the paper bill, where the customer can register in this service through simple steps and fast through the company's website.
This service helps in the organization of the customer monthly bills electronically, through a record of all the monthly invoices and the amounts paid. This service is safe because it reaches the customer directly as a text message on his mobile phone or e-mail. In addition, it is environment friendly and reduces the use of paper, waste consumption and reduce the emission of harmful gases.
It is worth mentioning that the company pays great attention in the field of community service, environment and economy through support and implementation of sustainable projects, in coordination and partnership with relevant civil society organizations, and that the green bill service is one of these projects that serve all parties.

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