Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (“MEDC”) Launches BUDGET BILLING Service “Thabit”

As part of its constant endeavor to provide better services to its customers, MEDC, Member of Nama Group launches today the budget billing service named “Thabit”. Under this service, the customers are allowed to pay fixed amount of money every month for their electricity bills.

Eng. Salman Ali Al Hattali, chief operations officer for supply said, “We launch Thabit service to enable customers interested in this service to get fixed bills based on the average monthly consumption over the previous 12 months. Then, by the end of every year, electricity consumption value shall be settled by comparing the budget bill “Thabit” amount with the actual consumption of the customer, registered as per the meter reading plan, followed by the Company.

It is known that electricity consumption during Summer Season highly exceeds the consumption during Winter. This step by the company would relieve the customers from paying high invoices during Summer and will enable customers to manage their budgets and monthly expenses.

As for the methods of bill payment, the Company provides several payment channels to the customers such as collection centers, bank monthly standing order, payment through the company mobile application “My Account” or other mobile applications of banks working in the Sultanate, monthly or advance cash payment through machines for bill settlement, and other channels.

All residential accounts are eligible if the customers have at least 12 months bills to calculate their average consumption, and have a zero balance to receive the service or otherwise pay the previous dues as installments added to Thabit bills.

It is worth mentioning that MEDC always launches several programs, which help the customer mitigate electricity billed excessive consumption.

For more information about Thabit service, please visit the Company’s website: www.medcoman.comor contact our call center: 80070008.

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