Muscat Electricity Distribution Company sponsors the Awareness Guide booklet for school students

The booklet includes a set of guidelines and advices on energy & water conservation and the appropriate manners of maintaining various school facilities to the target group of school students.

This support comes from the belief of Muscat Electricity Distribution Company in the importance of educating school students in preserving various types of energy and instilling a culture of rationalization and awareness of the dangers of electricity and maintaining the facilities of our homeland.

This support comes in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed between the two parties in November 2014 which was among several projects serving school students in Muscat Governorate such as the scientific bag containing scientific experiments of the electrical circuits and others, which help in improving the scientific talent of students under the management of school laboratories, and the company has supported several projects, such as supporting the school book portfolio and the draft art drawing contest "We live with electricity."