MEDC in the field of sustainability and rationalization of electric energy

Within the plan of Muscat electricity Distribution Company – a member of Nama group -, in the field of sustainability and rationalization of electric energy. The company cooperated with the ministry of Environment and climate affairs, to present a lecture on power consumption for the employees at the ministry. The lecture was presented by the Eng. Said Abdullah AL Battashi, Head of energy efficiency and rationalization. 

The plan is aimed at raising awareness among employees about the rationalization of consumption in the various residential properties, buildings they generally visit and the institution in which they work. The importance of rationalization of electric energy is one of the most important pillars of the optimal utilization of energy sources and sustainability for future generations through knowledge of the uses of lighting, electrical appliances and air conditioners at times necessary only, which benefits the citizen and the state. These awareness lectures and their application by individuals contribute to reducing the consumption bill in the first place and creating a mentoring team in each institution to carry out such awareness programs.

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company - a member of the Nama Group - pays great attention to the rationalization and implantation of this culture among its various subscribers through continuous awareness through various channels such as meetings, lectures, publications, media and various media.

It is worth mentioning that the company signed a memorandum of understanding with the Directorate General of Education in Muscat Governorate, which included preparing a timetable for giving lectures to the school students in the governorate and conducting educational competitions for these schools as a competition with electricity. The rationalization of electrical energy and competition among students through drawings and images that reflect the rationalization of electric energy.

The company will soon launch a booklet on electrical safety in the home, which aims to raise awareness among family members at home about the dangers of electricity and how to deal properly with different electrical devices.

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