In accordance with e-governance and environmental protection, MEDC launches Green bills

MEDC will soon launch electronic billing (E-bill) to combat environmental damage. The subscriber will be able to view his/her bill in a safe and secure manner from any convenient location. The e- bill is an electronic copy of the paper bill that will be sent to the subscriber as soon as the monthly bill has been issued, subscribers will get an email as well as a text message with their bills.

The benefits of the paperless bill is that it is easy to use as the user will be able to subscribe to the service in a few easy steps. Accordingly, the subscriber will receive the electronic bills without having to wait for the physical bills which may take a while. This also helps the administrative efforts as the subscriber has the ability to see the history of the transactions and records of the total transactions.

This will also be a safe and secure system as it avoids security issues with unauthorized access to mails. Additionally, the system is eco-friendly as it reduces the use of papers and helps preserve trees and the environment, as well as reducing solid waste and carbon emissions.

In the first stage, the company has adapted the paperless billing system to its employees and that will be done through updating their account details.

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