Bulk Connection

For Bulk load requirement, customers have to contact MEDC planning department. Any total connected load requirements are equal or above 2.5 MW.

The requirement for the New Connection Application:
  • Letter addressed to Planning Manager illustrate the Total requested load and when do you required it.
  • Bulk Load Application Form filled and signed with an official stamp.
  • Land Ownership Certificate (Mulkiya).
  • Land Registration detail with co-ordinates and boundaries (Krooki).
  • Authorization Letter for consultants/main contractor to deal with MEDC on behalf of customers.
  • Load Schedule displaying the demand requirement of each distribution transformer (Main Distribution Board).
  • Fault Level Study: Fault level contribution at the point of common coupling (3 Phase Maximum Short Circuit Fault Level as per IEC60909/2001 standard).
  • Power factor used in studies, refer to the update OES 04.
  • X/R ratio (If Available).
  • Electrical Layout Diagram & SLD
The Procedure for the new connection application:
  • Submit the application to Planning Department at MEDC head office.
  • The planning engineer will do a technical and financial study of all possible connection options and suggest the most optimal way to supply the building after receiving the required documents.
  • Suggesting the optimal possible option of supplying and issuing a no-objection letter (NOC) within a period of time not exceeding 15 working days.
  • MEDC offers the three options for delivery of the connection proposal will be mentioned in the NOC.
  • The acceptance shall be confirmed back to MEDC Planning within the NOC validity period of 60 working days: from the date of issue the NOC.

For more information please contact us on : systemplanning@medcoman.com

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