After identifying the CRT customers, the following condition should be applied to check the applicability of the tariff to the potential customer.

New Customer with connected load or Aggregate Loads less than 60kw

  • The customer is given a normal meter and given the normal tariff and the normal customer segment and category.
  • If this customer crosses the 150MWH on 12 months rolling,
    His meter will be replaced
    He will be subject to CRT from the next months

New Customer with connected load or Aggregate Loads between 60kw and 100 kw

  • These customers will be provided with a CRT meter
  • These customers will NOT be charged with CRT from the first billing day of their connection.
  • MEDC will monitor these customers on monthly basis.
  • When a customer whose load is between 60kw and 100kw reaches the 150MWH consumption in the last 12 months, the following will happen;
  • He will be subjected to CRT tariff from that day on.
  • He will be re billed on CRT retrospectively (for the past 12 months

New Customers with connected loads or Aggregate Loads Above 100 kw

  • Will be given a meter that matches the CRT specifications
  • These customers will be subject to the CRT tariff from first billing.
  • If the customer does not reach 150MWH for 12 months, he will be refunded in October for the whole period, since his connection time.
  • He will be removed from CRT tariff in October.
  • He will remain under monitoring if he reached 150MHW in a year (OCT to Sept) at any time he will be subject to CRT.

Existing Customers

  • Current meter replacement plans are for customer identified whose 2016 consumption is 150MWH under commercial, industrial and government categories.
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